About Adolika

My Story

I am Adolika Nenah Sowah, the author of this blog. I am of mixed Ghanaian and Russian parentage and I live in the vibrant and colorful city of Accra, Ghana, right here on the West African Coast. 

I started this blog out of my frustration in finding a wide variety of illustrated picture books for my own daughter when she was younger – books reflecting life in this part of the world in a fun way.

With my background as a producer, director, writer and now a lecturer of media arts and practice, as well as being an artist, I decided to start writing, retelling and illustrating.

I am also a classically trained pianist and these days this love has morphed into making music and singing.

My goal with this blog is to share my art, writing, books and other multimedia content I create for the young and not so young.

It is also a way for me to return to my first love as a child – daydreaming, telling, reinventing, scribbling, doodling and humming songs along the way.