Ananse – Good Trickster or Bad Trickster Ananse is known as a trickster. Indeed, he

The Enemy of the State and Other Stories is a departure from my usual fare

I recently decided to sell my children’s picture book The Frog and Lizard’s Final Goal

The last bit of the 2021 has been great! I look back at the last

Football in a Akan Folk Story. How did it get there? The Frog and Lizard’s

My new book, The Frog and Lizard’s Final Goal, came out in October this year,

Art in School The arts and the school system in Ghana have a complex relationship

Matobo Hills

I first saw South African rock art when I just turned twenty. My family was

The Contest and other Spiderman Tales

I have always loved Ananse, the spider man (also spelled Anansi), the cunning folk character

In Search of Fish

I painted this on a geographic expedition to the jungle of Mentawai, an island off

Adolika - HAUSA GIRL

This happened on the spur of the moment. I met this young woman at a

Adolika - Construction Painting

This is one of my earliest large scale paintings, done at age nineteen. What drew